The Frog Prince

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  • Frog Prince © Rolf Demmel
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FR 14.04.2023, 15:00 Uhr

Münchner Theater für KinderMünchenDachauer Straße 4680335

Veranstalter: Münchner Theater für Kinder gGmbH

Princess Annabelle is the spoiled only child of King Pommes and Queen Framboise. Whenever she doesn't get her way, she throws herself on the floor and kicks her legs. For the sake of peace, she gets a golden ball for her birthday, which promptly falls into a well while she is playing. Winni the frog, who lives in the well, retrieves it for her on the condition that he may be her friend. The princess agrees, but quickly runs away when she gets the ball back. The frog appears in the castle, and Annabelle must keep her promise. Already playing the "father, mother, child" game, she is offended because the frog imitates her. At dinner, Winni has disgusting cravings, and the desired good-night kiss makes the princess lose her nerve - she throws Winni against the wall. The frog and the ball disappear without a trace. Now Annabelle realizes that she has thrown away her only friend. Sadly, she goes to the well and calls for Winni, but he does not answer. Instead, a nice young man shows up, to whom she tells her story. The young man, Prince Winfried, in turn tells a story about an enchanted prince who used to be a frog. In the end, he gives her a golden ball, and Annabelle recognizes in him the only friend she ever had.



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